“A Different View”

Brand Creatives has developed an international campaign for exactly that. This campaign rests on three essential pillars; Innovation, Hidden Treasure, and Level. We’ve linked these pillars to a message by combining them with recognizable and strong organizations and companies such as UNICEF, Waka Waka, Dopper and Tony’s Chocolonely. 

By incorporating a nod to these brands in the communication towards students we want to inspire and activate prospective students to enroll in one of the courses at Campus Fryslân.

Supervised by Brand Creatives, this campaign will be rolled out internationally through social media, online, print and outdoor marketing.

Through social media, the story of Campus Fryslân will be shared with a more specific target audience. We plan to use content which will directly bring us in contact with the right target group. This allows us to generate as much traffic as possible towards Campus Fryslân’s website. The website will provide prospective students with even more information.

Design and DTP

In addition to this campaign, Brand will always be at Campus Fryslân’s disposal for the development of campaign concepts, design and DTP of anything and everything necessary during the period of cooperation. This includes web design, media expressions, social media content and printed material. Brand will also be available for project management, execution, and evaluation.